as clueless as ever


I created this website as an independent medium to publish my thoughts; to the degree the internet has lived up to its potential, it is the greatest equalizer humanity has created. It is devastating to see how it has increasingly become weaponized: media companies consume your attention (and far graver your time) on their platforms in the pursuit of profit; the average person is seen no more as an inconvenience, yet also a prop, in the theatrics of politics. Weaponized to the extent centralized powers wish to maintain their grapple hold on humanity's path forward; what will history deem more egregious: the censoring of heterodox thought via a great firewall? Or censorship by a deluge of vacuous information? One would expect to find Plato amongst Koestler's screamers, yelling from the thicket: "I'm trying to think; don't confuse me with facts"! In recent years, my motivating premise has been: there is a flagrant, gaping niche open for creators, whether they be engineers or not, to garner technologies in the name of increasing community capacity.

... they are obliged to understand rather than to judge. And if they have to take sides in this world, they can perhaps side only with that society in which, according to Nietzsche’s great words, not the judge but the creator will rule, whether he be a worker or an intellectual. ― Albert Camus.

Who here has the energy to create or target another enemy, whichever media conglomerate infringes on our well-being, whichever politician wishes to indent their legacy on our lives; all blame is foolish. The mania for profit and power is understandable given that most organizations fear to join the cemeteries of their counterparts. I hold a fear equally haunting, a cemetery of unrivaled size: this millennium we have been thrown into, the Precipice, foreshadows a future world which will force us to look back onto today and damn ourselves for not caring more. Here is a cry of shared fate: that whichever world comes our way, it will no less be lived by us all, from those buried in oppression to those too high on their achievements. In those nearing worlds, and in this one, profit is no value in and of itself; that much is easy to claim.

To those who interact with this website, I ask to be held accountable to the following: the values I hold are truth and freedom, and when in competition, always truth over freedom. I will further use this site to practice other values I cherish, such as the art of speaking clearly (a novice, but I will improve with time).

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